A Design Expert Explains How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Maximum Relaxation

Color has a huge impact on the ambiance of a room, whether it’s the shade splashed on the walls or the hue incorporated throughout your accessories and furniture. When crafting a tranquil bedroom, assessing your color palette is one of the most important steps. “One of the best ways to achieve a calm and relaxing bedroom is by using light colors for walls, window treatments, and bedding,” advises Simpson. “Lighter colors reflect more light, which can make spaces appear brighter and larger, promoting a sense of relaxation and spaciousness.”

Those who prefer more muted tones in their space may have zero issues with this tip, but if you adore incorporating color throughout your space, you don’t need to resign yourself to what you perceive as a boring beige and cream color palette — there are slightly more vibrant options within the shades Simpson recommends. “The best colors for the bedroom are light blues, soft greens, pale pinks, white, and beige, as some studies have shown that these colors can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, leading to reduced stress and anxiety,” explains Simpson.

If you are constantly drawn to more saturated, bold hues, consider selecting a few paint sample strips with colors you adore. Then, see if any of the more muted options on that same sample appeal to you — chances are they’ll share certain characteristics with the more intense shades that caught your eye.

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