Pests can be a nuisance, and the right exterminator can help eliminate them quickly and safely. But before you hire an exterminator, you must know what they charge and what services they provide. The cost of an exterminator’s usefulness depends on what type of pests you have, the severity of […]

Soft water, which has a low mineral content, is often touted as a healthier and more desirable option than hard water. However, there is a common misconception that soft water can affect the pH balance of water, leading to potential health hazards. What is pH Balance and Why Is It […]

Shingle roofs offer many benefits over other options, such as their durability and lower cost of repair. U.S. News estimates that homeowners spend between one and four percent of their home’s annual value on maintenance and repairs, with the percentage increase over time. 1. Durable Shingle roofs are popular options […]

If you are thinking of kitchen renovations or a complete remodel, it is worth making a list that includes custom-made cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances. 1. Creative Approach to Cabinet Design Instead of hiding your treasures behind solid cabinet doors, consider incorporating glass cabinet doors to showcase your favorite dishes […]

Despite the growth in this sector, many homeowners have yet to make the switch to solar energy. Solar energy accounts for 1.7% of US electricity. We will be looking at the reasons homeowners are not using solar energy in this article. Let’s get started. Why Solar Is Not Being Used […]

Courtesy of PBK and the Filling Station Goods Bloom Box Score a charming spot for your smaller plants to call home or transport your gardening tools in this multipurpose planter from Benicia’s Filling Station Goods and Gifts. The galvanized bin (left) features a hand-lettered inspirational saying, a watercolor aesthetic, and […]

Our living rooms are often where we spend the majority of our downtime at home, so it’s important to create a space that is relaxing, inviting, and works for your needs. Whether you’re considering a full living room revamp or want to refresh your space for spring, there are a […]