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House Beautiful/Mark Scott

There’s nothing quite like coming home from work, lighting some spa-scented candles and having a long, hot soak in the bath. Your bathroom should be your own spa-like sanctuary: somewhere you can retreat to at the end of the day and switch off from the world. That’s


Chloe Best

While our bathrooms need to be functional, there is a growing demand to create our very own luxurious spa-like sanctuaries at


As the bidet attachment maintains its grip on households across the US, bathrooms have become flush with another new trend: the water closet. Call it an enclosed toilet, a commode cave, or a private lav—this purpose-built space is a separated room within the bathroom itself devoted solely to one’s time


My interest in immersive bathrooms was ignited early on. Having been raised along the central coast of California, visits to the historic Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo were commonplace when I was growing up (particularly for adolescent milestones like prom night dinner, where I was known to order a


Transitional bathroom designs are ideal for those who love the idea of ‘classic with a twist’ and spaces that strike a happy medium between traditional and contemporary styles. The look is chic and timeless, and always feels warm and welcoming.

While designing a transitional-style bathroom, it’s all about the balance,