When selecting how to adorn a place in your dwelling, it’s easy to spiral into an identity disaster. Am I more regular or modern? Is my design and style more boho or Scandinavian? How substantially color is also substantially shade? In a world loaded with lovely Pinterest images and


If you’re decorating — or redecorating — your living place, you know that the wall decor sets the tone of the area. You want this place to be classy and modern day, yet entertaining, relaxed, and inviting. So which dwelling room wall decor thoughts do you decide on?

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As spring marks a sense of renewal, these are the top five decorating trends for the season and the products that will inspire you with new ideas to update your homes.

Weaving has recaptured the hearts of enthusiasts of handmade objects

Weaving has corrected its outdated image, showing its contemporary


Color really can be transformative in interior design, so choosing the right hue for a living room can present endless choices and subtle nuances to understand and overcome, but if you’ve been following certain living room color ideas and rules religiously you could be doing more harm than good. 


boucle sofa

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Originally a staple in the 1940s, boucle has made a defiant comeback in recent years due to its sumptuously soft composition and subtle design. The textured, woolly material of a boucle sofa provides an inviting warmth, whilst the neutral hues offer a clean, minimalist aesthetic. A boucle sofa



Boho-chic is all the rage in design circles right now. It gives an eclectic, earthy feel to any space and offers up cozy nooks, fun art, and the opportunity to add interesting, kitschy elements from travels and adventures. What are the basics of styling a boho living room?

Key Elements

If you want to enhance the look of your home interiors, particularly your living area with an eye-catching element, chandeliers are an ideal choice. These stunning light fixtures not only serve as a source of illumination in your living room but also add to its aesthetic appeal during the day.