Boho living room ideas are all about creating a relaxing, free-spirited space with no hard and fast design rules. Boho style combine a mix of natural elements, different colours, patterns and textures, but most importantly it is about what looks and feels right to you. 

Boho is the perfect style


It’s all too easy to fall foul of outdated living room trends, not least because you might not consider them as ‘trends’ in the first instance. Yet there are certain design directions you can take that are likely to date your living area quickly – some glaring, others seemingly harmless,


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Last updated on March 3, 2023

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If you have an unadorned gap between your sofa and the ceiling, then you might well be wondering how to fill this space. Decorating above a sofa is a wonderful way to fill the space with an attractive feature, rather than just letting it sit bare. 

Whether you prefer a


A image of cleanliness and simplicity, white interiors evoke a perception of relaxed. Let white residing area walls provide as a blank canvas for your space, then layer in white furniture, plush textures and heat woods — or go bold with statement lights, geometric rugs and pops of color. Not