How to Style a Boho-Inspired Living Room


Boho-chic is all the rage in design circles right now. It gives an eclectic, earthy feel to any space and offers up cozy nooks, fun art, and the opportunity to add interesting, kitschy elements from travels and adventures. What are the basics of styling a boho living room?

Key Elements of a Boho Living Room

Creating a boho space means calling to mind tranquility, peace, and nature. These spaces often inspire you to unplug and reconnect with the people and things you love.

Boho living rooms are free from harsh lines. They often have earthy tones and neutral colors, as well as handcrafted art. Often, boho living rooms have plants and comfortable seating, as well as candles or essential oil diffusers.

Decorations in a boho living room span the range from minimalist to full of knick-knacks, but whatever the amount, these decorations are natural and meaningful. Jute rugs, macrame hangings, cultural artwork, and hand-woven baskets are common.

When to Choose the Boho Style

Many rooms and spaces benefit from a boho-inspired style. For example, homes built with interesting architectural features, like built-in stone shelving or stucco windows, benefit from boho design elements that leave the focus on the original architecture.

The boho style keeps things uncluttered and calm in small spaces. Too many furniture pieces and other competing elements make a space feel overcrowded and busy, but the boho style opens up living rooms and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Rooms with plenty of natural light also lend themselves well to a boho décor. Natural light is the perfect environment for indoor plants, which fit well with the boho style. Plus, most boho decorations come in earthy tones, which reflect natural light perfectly.

When you need an inviting and comfortable space, like a sunporch, living room, or den, then boho style is the way to go. Cozy seating, plush cushions, and soft rugs call for you to come in barefoot and then cozy up with a book and a cup of hot tea.

Ideas for Your Boho Living Room

Boho living rooms are as diverse as the people who make them a part of their homes. When someone walks into your living room, they’ll ooh and aah over your interesting furniture and decorations, but they’ll also stop and say, “Yep, this was designed by so-and-so; I see them here.”

This boho living room isn’t afraid of some fun pops of color! The seating choices are few and intentional, encouraging close-knit conversation and laughter. There are plenty of plants, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming. Although the main wall is large, one neutral macrame hanging is enough because of the unique light fixture and the simple blanket rack that offers another decorative touch. The round glass coffee table is perfect for a boho living room because it allows for some simple yet interesting pieces or an intellectual book. Plus, who doesn’t love a quality leather couch to curl up on and take a nap when the sun is shining? This boho living room has it all.

Boho spaces don’t have to take up an entire room. If your living room is also the dining room or entryway, as it often is in small studio apartments, create a boho space in an eye-catching corner, like in this picture. The plants are the main focus, with the Papasan chair intentionally placed near the side table so you can sit down and take a breather or lace up your boots before a hike. The light, translucent curtain gives privacy while adding a soft touch to this boho living room corner.

In this boho living room space, all the lines and shapes complement one another. The wooden coffee tables draw the eye with rings that are reminiscent of the age rings on an ancient oak tree, while the woven ottoman makes you feel as if you’re putting your feet up on a beautiful desert stone (albeit softer).

Round shapes and rings are also reflected in the rug. Here, the boho style opts for a gray couch and pillows, but the light shade of gray doesn’t darken up the room because of the plants and the white-toned art. This boho living room brings in plenty of natural elements.

When a living room has as much natural light as this one, it kindly asks you to decorate it with gentle pieces that reflect the sun’s natural beauty. The focus in this boho living room is the natural wood coffee table, which can easily be used as a floor-seating dining table, too. The art pieces encourage you to ponder the wonders of the sea… or maybe the desert… or the mountains (whatever you need them to be). Throw blankets and wicker baskets bring homey elements that encourage family or friends to gather ‘round and enjoy each other despite the chaos in the rest of the world.

Some boho living rooms have a bit more going on, which is perfect for an artistic soul with plenty of creative ideas and beauty to share. Many boho lovers feel that you can never have enough plants, art, or books, and this living room has plenty of all three. There are even antique furniture pieces, such as a mid-century radio and bookshelf, which call to mind the 1960s and 70s, too. If there isn’t a ton of room for seating, choose a chair with a generous width that allows you to curl your feet up and relax in a cozy spot.

Create Your Perfect Boho Space with Spoken

Boho living rooms aren’t only on-trend, they’re fun and easy to create! Every boho living room has the unique touch of the person who put it together. Your art pieces, souvenirs from your travels, and elements that showcase your passions and favorite things—all of these together equal the perfect boho living room.

Use these pictures and ideas as inspiration, but don’t get pulled into a box! That’s the beauty of boho: it can be anything you wish it to be.

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