Professional Content Writing | 5 Tips for Success

The writing industry is a profitable and creative profession. It can lead to amazing recognition and a sustainable way work for yourself. To many people, it’s the dream. But the competition is rampant, and the work is often hard to come by. Do you want to get ahead of the game? Here are 5 tips to drive your career forward as a content writer.


  1. Add to and enhance your style(s) of writing. The main four are: descriptive, narrative, persuasive and expository. You need to master these to get ahead of the competition. A good way to pick up different styles is by reading a wide range of books and articles. From medical journals to Buzzfeed articles – there’s a style for every piece. Some have a heavier bias whereas others require as much neutrality as possible. It’s important to know your audience and adjust accordingly. By doing so, you’ll stand out.


  1. Originality is fresh – so keep it alive. The majority of content out there is the same rinse-cycled words, jiggled around to fit the same meaning. It’s boring. It’s lazy. And worst of all – it’s unengaging. It could be a topic discussed thousands of times – so what are you bringing to the table? Master your craft and create thought-provoking work that doesn’t paraphrase ten other articles. Extensive research is helpful in conjuring up fresh ideas.


  1. Be unique. In order to garner attention, you need to get a new perspective on things. Find a topic to discuss. Research it. But before you write it down – how are you going to make this different? Take that topic and write it from another angle. You could try answering the question through a scientific hypothesis. You could integrate another interesting question into your response. Michael Stevens, an American education did this amazingly with his YouTube channel, VSauce. You want your work to be unusual yet to-the-point.

P.S. don’t be afraid to let a little personality shine through. It makes for an interesting read when there’s some character to it.


  1. Trial and error. Write in different topics. Experiment and explore to see what will garner the most clicks. By using the power of deduction, you’ll find out which topics grab attention and which slip through the cracks. Once you find a promising topic, use your writing skills to tailor it to your audience. This will attract more readers, thus promoting your work and upping your revenue.


  1. Set attainable goals and manage your time properly. And DO YOUR RESEARCH. No one’s going to blow up overnight (unless you’re really, really lucky.) Success is earned through dedication and perseverance. So before you begin to write, ask yourself who you’re writing for. Once you figure out who your target audience is, you can set the right tone for the content produced. Research and understand who your targeted demographic is. Adjust your keywording appropriately and make sure you’ve studied your competition. You never know – they might have some good ideas.

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