Working from home: 5 ways to stay motivated

Working remotely creates a feeling of disconnect for many, without the buzz of the office. Humans are social creatures and in order to work efficiently, we require a great deal of communication. Remote roles are challenging our standard work practices and these obstacles must be addressed.

How do you stay motivated while working in your kitchen? How do we maintain a sense of normality when we eat, sleep and work in the same space? The world is changing rapidly, and remote roles are becoming the new normal. So how do we fight the stay-at-home blues?

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  1. Structure your breaks and use them wisely. If you’ve been staring at a screen for the last few hours, the last thing you should do is lean back in your desk chair and scroll through social media. When you take a break, remove yourself from your workspace and get some fresh air.


  1. Your body is a temple – so take care of it. It’s easy to pile on the pounds working from home. Let’s face it – at some point, we’ve all ordered breakfast while sat half-asleep at our desk, pyjamas worn in apathy. Without the normal office structure, it’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits. But skip the salty, fatty snacks and incorporate healthier foods into your diet. Not only will it improve your physical health, but it’ll also sharpen your mind, thus boosting work performance.


  1. When will I be promoted? If you’re an employer, ensure your employees have opportunities for progression and other employment incentives. Without the networking aspect of the office, employees can begin to feel as though their careers are stagnating. Promotions are harder to come by without face-to-face interactions. In certain circumstances this has unfairly put a stop to career development. A good way to combat this is by e-learning courses which allow employees to enhance their skillset and work towards a more advanced role. You must be willing to invest in your employees to show you’re a worthwhile employer.


  1. Communication is key and feedback is everything. The lines of communication must stay open within the company and any issues need to be addressed quickly. Employees should feel secure enough to bring up problems and as an employer, you should be able to both give and take constructive criticism. Great communication also ensures that adequate information is being provided and received to complete tasks to satisfactory levels.

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  1. Stay connected. It’s not just about the job. A fundamental part of most jobs is the social aspect within the office space. Those adjusting to working remotely may find their newfound isolation difficult to cope with, thus decreasing productivity and motivation. Even things like a weekly Zoom quiz or a work group chat can help. As stated previously, the lines of communication must stay open. Regular check-ins with staff members helps employees feel appreciated and secure in their role.

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