When you think of Georgian garden design it often brings to mind visions of large, grand open spaces, complementing even grander houses – perhaps seen in the great British country houses, or on Netflix’s Bridgerton.  It might feel challenging to successfully transfer ideas used on such a grand scale to […]

Native rudbeckia adds a bright splash to the garden. Johnson County Extension Incorporating native plants into the landscape is growing in popularity. Native plants have many benefits, as they can be more resilient in our ever-changing climate, while helping to support a network of beneficial insects and pollinators. Designing the […]

The spring garden of gardening doyenne Rosemary Alexander is a perfect example of her ethos of marrying the practical with the romantic. The one acre garden of Sandhill Farm House is set around the pretty 17th-century farmhouse, and when Rosemary moved there in 2000, presented the perfect blank canvas.  ‘When […]