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Planning the perfect kitchen, be it in a new house or a remodel, is no easy task. For many, the kitchen is the most important room of the house, the center of day-to-day living and where family and friends congregate, so it’s not a room you want to leave up to chance.

Ragan Cabinets - Warm Kitchen

“All homeowners want in a kitchen project is someone that they work with that really listens to them to realize the look and feel of the kitchen,” says Andy Austin, the new General Manager of Ragan Cabinets at Lake of the Ozarks. “They’re looking for that person that takes what they’re saying and puts that down on paper, puts that into a layout, puts that into a design. And they’re going ‘Yeah, that’s what I want, that’s exactly what I was thinking.’”

Ragan Cabinets, a full-service cabinetry company at Lake of the Ozarks, helps homeowners de-stress and demystify the process of designing their dream kitchen.

The company was founded four years ago by homebuilder and remodeler Tony Otto. Over his first 14 years as a builder, Tony had become frustrated with the options available at the Lake. So, he became the local dealer for Bridgewood Cabinetry, and never looked back. Ragan Cabinets is now the second-highest seller of Bridgewood in the Midwest. Tony added, “While our retail sales are continuing to grow, we are also looking to do more with the builders we haven’t reached yet because we know the challenges builders face when it comes to cabinetry… and we solve them”.

Ragan Cabinets - 269 Columbine Rd

“I get that some builders might be reluctant to do business with a company created by someone they see as a competitor,” said owner Tony Otto. “But it’s the same reason why Ragan understands builders’ unique set of needs… The way Ragan operates lightens the load on builders while making their clients happy. We’re looking for the win-win.”

Ragan Cabinets - 269 Columbine Rd. - 2

Andy knows the business inside and out and has designed hundreds of kitchens from empty spaces to partial and complete tear-outs. “Ragan has a reputation for quality first, and that is one of the reasons I came on board,” he said. “I wanted to work for a company that emphasizes quality over quantity and puts the needs of the customer first.”

Ragan Cabinets - Farm Kitchen Style

“We have cabinets for just about everyone,” he said. From custom sizing to a wide range of colors and designs, Ragan also has diverse styles like acrylic doors, or framed back-painted glass that gives what Andy calls a “sleek European look. I’ve heard from several people that they didn’t even know they could get that kind of style here at the Lake.” 

Cabinet lines include Bridgewood, WF, RiverRun, as well as NatureKast products.

Ragan’s work is not just confined to interior spaces, but uniquely durable products and custom design expertise has led them to create some of the coolest outdoor kitchens and dock bars on Lake of the Ozarks. These can transform any dock from “humdrum” to “home-on-the-water,” with a wonderful new place to entertain family and friends (plus eliminating the need to run back and forth from the kitchen for dishes and drinks!)

Ragan Cabinets - Dock Kitchen

Ragan Cabinets - Dock Bar

And if you’re not exactly sure what your dream cabinets should look like, Ragan Cabinets can help there too. Andy offers consultations with clients to learn not only the look they envision for their kitchen, but also the way that they use their kitchen. A family that loves to cook and values lots of storage space will be different than a couple focused on entertaining who wants a place that’s perfect for gathering with friends. And Ragan can make the dream happen for both.

Whether you’re a builder looking for a different cabinetry supplier, or a homeowner—designing your dream home, just looking to upgrade, or planning a quick flip—each kitchen has its own special needs and Ragan Cabinets is as committed as you are to crafting the perfect kitchen.

Contact Ragan Cabinets at 573-234-6830

Online: www.RaganCabinets.com

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