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Bed Tub & Past issued a grim message about its upcoming Thursday, warning that a personal bankruptcy submitting is a feasible final result for the firm.

There is “substantial question about the company’s capacity to continue” simply because of its worsening fiscal situation, the house merchandise


The products reviewed are for anyone who takes their bathroom safety seriously and would like to prevent any accidents. Slips and falls may seem like unimportant occurrences, but they can have major consequences.

A person is more likely to sustain a head injury or a bone fracture with a simple


Changing lifestyles, emerging design trends and consumer product “hot buttons” are having a major impact on materials, colors and styles for countertops, which continue to grow in prominence as both an aesthetic and functional feature in today’s new and remodeled kitchens.

That’s one of several key findings of a nationwide


When querying designers about lighting, it becomes evident rather quickly that it’s a bit of a challenge for them to contain their excitement for the given topic of discussion.

Rebecca Sutton, CKBD, Kitchen Design Concepts in Dallas, TX, enthusiastically begins the conversation with, “I love lighting!”

Further into the conversation,


Workflow and productivity in the kitchen often revolve around the sink space, making the selection of sinks and faucets a pivotal decision in the overall design of the space. 

Jay Beaumont, director of sales and marketing for Lenora Group, based in Hillside, IL, says that he often remarks that the