A single of the most outstanding gardens I feel I have at any time frequented is Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand. Positioned on the North Island, about 1.5 hrs South of Auckland, you will come across the most extraordinary, imaginative and creative gardens I have ever witnessed. A single day,


This is the ultimate edit of the interior design industry names to know, spaces to inspire and beautiful products to choose.

Homes & Gardens Awards Judging Panel

Homes & Gardens Awards’ Judging Panel

(Image credit: Damian Russell [Sebastian Cox] | Georgina Viney [Charu Gandhi] | Simon Brown [Kit Kemp] | Damian Russell [Lulu Lytle] | Jake


In Japan, gardens are way more than just an assortment of flora. They are considered to be an art form. The transition is frequently subtle and distinctive, much like other beautiful Japanese art forms. If tourists are merely speeding through, they could completely miss their splendor. A Japanese garden may


By Donna Cornelius

From furniture built long ago to designers whose aesthetics are shaping modern sensibilities, Antiques at the Gardens is a showcase for timeless beauty.

The 16th annual event, hosted by the Friends of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, kicks off Sept. 29 and runs through Oct. 2. It includes