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For $5,000, consider this bathroom renovation idea: a wet room. This type of space allows the shower to be on the same level as the rest of the floor—completely waterproofed, of course, and a surprising delight for buyers. “Wet rooms are an incredible way to make the most out of a bathroom’s footprint, as they negate the use of walls,” Shaffer says. “They are also one of the most hygienic bathroom types, and they allow lighting to disperse evenly, reducing any type of shadowing effect.” Bonus: A one-level bath space makes it safer for all ages since you’re eliminating barriers and hazards, like steps and unnecessary corners. 

Spend $10,000

Architect Nikos Moustroufis and designer Isabel López-Quesada know that a jaw-dropping shower is the ultimate bathroom upgrade. This one gets its wow factor from black Moroccan plaster and a Grohe Rainshower.

Photo: Richard Powers

Lake Charles, Louisiana-based Lance Thomas at Thomas Guy Interiors says $10,000 can get you the ultimate renovation: a new shower or tub installation. “The shower is the focal point of the bathroom, so it’s one of the most high-impact upgrades you can make.” But he admits that it’s also one of the most expensive bathroom renovation ideas. Don’t rush to choose a style that’s best suited for your home. Consider replacing a corner platform tub à la ’90s with a huge walk-in in the primary suite. On the other hand, Thomas says adding a tub in a family bathroom that could be used by kids can draw prospective buyers.

A water closet is another project that will improve the functionality, especially for a couple who will likely use the space simultaneously. Think of it this way, if you have double sinks, a WC adds privacy without interrupting a morning or evening routine. “Those days of waiting for your partner to get out of the shower will end,” Shaffer says. However, he admits that a water closet may not appeal to a certain segment of the buying market. “This type of project is advised for those that plan to stay in their homes for at least five years, so that they can enjoy it,” he adds.

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