Useful Little Things for the Kitchen

When arranging a kitchen, people, first of all, think about utensils and household appliances. But they usually forget about useful little things designed to make your cooking life easier and more interesting. There are numerous kitchen utensils you rarely think about but after the purchase, you never cease to thank their creators.

1. Carbon Steel Skillet

If you are cooking often, it might be reasonable to think about professional cooking instruments. They will help you make more qualitative dishes without any problems. For example, a carbon-steel skillet from Yosukata or a professional pot will let you forget about burned food. Of course, your skills and experience also play a role, but qualitative utensils will definitely help you in the kitchen.

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2. Glass Oil Bottle

You may ask: “Why do I need a separate container for oil if it is initially sold in a bottle, which is quite convenient to use?” There may be several reasons. The first of these is that you buy a large container of oil, for example, a two-litre one, and you need to pour it into a compact bottle. Secondly, it is related to the aesthetic side of the issue. Oil is one of the products that should always be at hand, and therefore many housewives store it on the countertop. But you must admit that the glass container is much more beautiful than the original one – it serves as a decoration for the workplace. And finally, in a glass bottle, it is convenient to serve dressing to the table if guests prefer to independently regulate the amount of olive oil or other sauce in their dish.

3. Toothpick Holder

Do you want to cheer up children and adults and at the same time solve the problem of storing toothpicks that constantly fall out of their original packaging? Then the fun animal holder is what you need. It is not only practical helping to organize the kitchen but also looks charming – when the whale is filled with toothpicks, they will have a disarming smile.

4. Kitchen Scales

Are you used to preparing all desserts without a recipe? Here is the answer to the question of why many of them turn out to be completely different from those on the video on the Internet. Confectionery art requires precision, and it is not for nothing that some chefs even indicate the number of eggs in the recipe in grams. So that you can delight yourself and family members with a variety of sweets, purchase a kitchen scale. You will definitely appreciate its usefulness when you come across another complex dish. Also, the gadget is useful for people who monitor their health and adhere to proper nutrition. With the help of scales, it will be possible to calculate the required amount of ingredients and count calories if needed.

5. Electric Milk Frother

The perfect start of the day is always aromatic coffee with foam and a pinch of cinnamon. To enjoy your favorite drink, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on a coffee machine or go to a café on the corner every morning. You can purchase a cappuccinatore that will help you create a creamy texture and firm milk foam that will bring your morning coffee to perfection. The device works from AA batteries; whips both cold and hot milk. Due to its small size, you can take it with you, for example, on a picnic or a business trip. And the cappuccinatore is easy to clean — just rinse with water and then turn it on to shake it off.

Lifehack: To save the foam, put the frothed milk in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. At the end of time, you will only have to carefully add milk as a final chord to your coffee so as not to destroy the foam.

Image Credit: Pratiksha Mohanty on Unsplash

6. Tea Strainer

If you love tea, then be sure to purchase a tea strainer. It allows you to abandon tea bags, which are often frustrating with their taste, and enjoy healthier and aromatic options. The strainer is also useful if it makes no sense to brew a whole kettle, but you really want to drink your favorite tea. It is not only convenient but also very atmospheric. The process itself is very simple: you need to fill the strainer with tea leaves and lower it into a cup of boiling water. Brewing time depends on how strong the drink you prefer.

7. Jar for Making Sauces

If you don’t like the tomato sauces and applesauce you find in the supermarket, then try making your own. A special jar for making sauces will greatly facilitate and speed up the process. You need to install a mill on a glass container and fill it with the necessary products. To grind the ingredients, turn the knob several times. This device comes with a jar lid, so the freshly prepared sauce can be immediately closed and sent to the refrigerator for storage.

Moreover, if you make sauces by yourself, you’ll be able to include only healthy ingredients and avoid various additives. This will be perfect for making salads, side dishes, and children’s food. You’ll be able to shake up your menu with new dishes and try the recipes you always wanted to.

8. Glass Carafe

A thoughtful drinking regimen is a key to health, but many people forget about it and consume only one or two glasses of water per day, although the minimum amount is 1.5 litres. So that you do not forget to drink water, install a special application on your phone, and place it in a visible place. The most convenient option is to pour water into a glass decanter. Calculate how much liquid you need to drink per day based on your weight, pour the necessary amount into the carafe, and then it will not be hard to build the correct drinking regimen.

To enhance the benefits of water, add fruits, vegetables, or herbs to it. For example, a drink with lemon and honey is very healthy. Such water looks very appetizing, and the carafe itself is a decoration of the table — you will definitely not forget to drink another glass.

9. Snack Bowl

If you love to organize parties or arrange home movie screenings in the company of your soulmates, then this thing will come in handy. A bowl for snacks in the form of a flower pot with a cactus will become a real decoration of your table. You can put anything in it: from nuts, chips, and crackers to dried fruits (if you prefer healthy snacks). The undoubted advantage is that there is a special hole at the bottom of the bowl, thanks to which it can be placed on a glass or mug with your favorite drink.

10. Pusher for Boiled Vegetables

The puree is a tasty side dish that complements meat, fish, and vegetables, but the process of its preparation is not as simple and fast as we would like it. To chop potatoes or any other boiled vegetable, you have to use a potato masher for several minutes, after which your hands get very tired, and mashed potatoes sometimes turn out not creamy.

The problem can be solved with the help of an innovative press with a unique twisting mechanism, which helps to prepare a creamy puree from any vegetable in one movement. The case is made of steel and nylon, which makes it strong and durable, and the special shape of the handles does not allow the device to slip out of your hands. Another advantage of the press is that it can be easily disassembled and washed, including in the dishwasher.

11. Meat Freshness Meter

Yes, you can find such a device in stores. A compact electronic gadget allows you to determine how fresh the meat you are going to cook is. But these are not all the functions of the meter. It also provides information on temperature, humidity, and the level of various substances, including those harmful to health. It will be useful for people who often buy meat on the market, to make sure that everything is alright with it.

In Conclusion

Numerous devices can help you in the kitchen. They make the whole process easier and faster. But of course, you don’t need all of them. Think about the dishes that you often cook or would like to try out. Surely, various devices can assist you in the process of cooking. Don’t rush to purchase a dozen of items. Start with something you believe is the most important, and then you can continue to supply your kitchen further.

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