Decorating with botanicals is having something of a fashion moment, and no wonder – the strictures of the pandemic have made us all long to find ways to bring the outdoors in, and to create inspiring, refreshing, colorful schemes inspired by far-off places. 

The quintessential image of paradise, the palm


As anyone who has been through the process of searching for room color ideas will attest, choosing the right color for a room can be a minefield with endless choices and subtle nuances to understand and overcome. 

‘Choosing color is one of the hardest parts of decorating because we only


There’s no bolder design choice than the color red. It’s a not color that’s simply settled on. No one purchases a ruby sofa or paints walls burgundy by accident. Most interior designers agree, there is no hue quite as intentional. 



Too often, decorating a pink room is limited to girls’ bedrooms. This, we think, is a waste of a wonderful color that needn’t be solely thought of as feminine. In fact, used well, pink can be elegant, sultry, as an accent, as an enveloping shade, and even in a living


DOES A SMALL room decorated like a monk’s cell—white walls, sparse furnishings—really seem larger than it would if adorned more luxuriously? No, say design experts. “Fabric, textures—so often people feel that if they put all this in, it’s going to make [a small room] feel claustrophobic,” said London interior designer


Mirrors are a home essential with a purpose for every room. Bringing style and functionality to the scene, mirrors can give the illusion of light and space whilst also giving you the opportunity to create a statement and fill any awkward spaces. Not to mention, they’re ideal for checking your


Morgan Spector as George Russell.

Photographer: Alison Cohen Rosa

In fact, Wharton left Newport in 1899 when the view from her elegant octagonal sunroom was compromised by the construction of a house by a designer who clearly had not yet absorbed her design principles. And yet the ‘new’ that Wharton