How to Lay Artificial Grass on Tiles

How to Lay Artificial Grass on Tiles

Contact us if you want to install artificial grass. Our tutorial will show you how to install artificial grass on tiles.

We will install your system for you if you wish to avoid any complications and achieve a high-quality result.

Tools & Materials Needs for Installation

  • Metro
  • Cutter
  • Safety gloves
  • Anti-weed mesh
  • Nails or staples
  • Herbicide
  • Artificial turf
  • Self-adhesive or bonding strip
  • Special adhesive for artificial grass
  • Serrated blade
  • Adhesive applicator
  • Silica sand or petfill
  • Hard bristle brush


Preparing the surface and measuring it

Before you buy our artificial turf, it is important to know the measurements of the area where the turf will be installed. Plan and measure the installation to ensure you buy the right amount of meters. The artificial grass is distributed and stored in rolls that are 2 or 4 meters long.


Measurement and cutting of artificial grass

You will need to plan and measure the lawn layout well in advance. Make sure all pieces are facing the same way. Our team will help you determine the exact custom-cut dimensions of grass that you need.

The artificial grass will be rolled out and measured. The roll is more comfortable to cut.

You should cut the surface of the grass to mark any columns. To avoid accidents, it’s important that you cut the artificial lawn with a cutter and wear safety gloves.


Roll the artificial grass onto the surface

Spread all pieces of artificial grass in the same direction and follow the original planning layout.

Place the first piece with a margin of about 1 cm between it and the wall. Before cutting the grass, adjust it so that it fits perfectly.

The edges of the pieces to be joined should be cleaned. Trim the lawn to a straight line by trimming about 0,5 cm per side.

You must then leave between each piece of grass a distance of 0,1 to 0.50 cm. This is important to prevent any markings between the joints.


Use the seaming tape

Then, using a serrated trowel, extend the adhesive to create a uniform, smooth surface.

You can use the self-adhesive seaming tape to avoid fibers sticking. Place the edge of the joint onto the tape and lightly press it. Self-adhesive tape is also an option.


The lawn can be glued to the tile flooring

Apply a sealer using a silicone gun when you are setting the artificial grass on the tile. You will need to mark every 20-30cm along the perimeter of the artificial grass. Be sure to glue all corners and trimmings.


Fill the lawn with silica sand

Before you use silica, consider what type of installation it is. It is a great way to keep the grass cool, provide comfort when walking and prolong the life of your product. However, it may not be suitable for indoor installations or those that combine a tiled area with a lawn. This is because some sand can stick to our shoes and then spread.

All our products have a slight curled edge to enhance comfort. Our models with MaxRecover or BodyShape technology, which promotes fiber recovery, offer a great solution for use without filling.



The final step in installing artificial grass over the tile is to use a push brush to remove all hairs and fibers that have fallen on the surface during the installation.


Apply Cleaner

Apply an enzymatic cleanser that smells like freshly cut grass to sanitize and prevent the growth of bacteria.


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