New second-hand YWCA shop to focus on furniture and appliances

Regina’s Warehouse District will soon be home to a new second-hand shop, which will focus on furniture and appliances.

The shop will be owned by the YWCA and will be called Encore on 8th. It will be located at 2005 8th Ave. The building is currently being renovated, with a range of construction currently underway.

Alexis Losie, the senior director of operations at the YWCA, said getting these items to the people they serve has been a goal for awhile, but the shop hopes to connect with others across the city.

“It will be a sustainable shopping option for members of the community who do like to be conscious how they shop, and the efforts they make in their consumerism,” she said.

A second-hand shop specializing in clothing and smaller items will continue to run in the YWCA location on McIntyre Street. This shop with be moved into the new YWCA location in the Cathedral neighborhood.

The YWCA said they are seeking donations and advised people to watch their website and social media for when and where to make donation drop offs.

“We want the items to be of quality that you would pass along to a friend. We want [customers] to have access to items that are going to make their house free like a home,” Losie said.

Any revenue from the new store will go directly into the programming the YWCA already offers.

A grand opening is being planned in the spring.

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