SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -The 2024 Siouxland Garden Symposium is set to take place, on March 16, at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Formally known as the Siouxland Garden Show, Iowa State University says the day promises to be a time filled with inspiration and knowledge related to gardening. The […]

When updating smaller outdoor spaces, it can feel a bit daunting knowing where to start but if you think micro and macro at the same time, you can make small changes that have a huge impact. I always like to incorporate colour into a garden, beyond the obvious in flowers, […]

Designing the perfect landscape and garden for your home is a fulfilling endeavor, but it can be a challenging task without the right tools. Fortunately, there is a plethora of free online landscape and garden design tools available to assist both amateur and professional gardeners in creating stunning outdoor spaces. […]

Courtesy of PBK and the Filling Station Goods Bloom Box Score a charming spot for your smaller plants to call home or transport your gardening tools in this multipurpose planter from Benicia’s Filling Station Goods and Gifts. The galvanized bin (left) features a hand-lettered inspirational saying, a watercolor aesthetic, and […]

“There’s really two main reasons to build a pergola,” says New York City–based landscaper Amber Freda, president of Freda Inc. “One is function and the other is aesthetics—it can enhance an ambiance, create a sense of intimacy. The functionality is providing a shade structure and area for seating that gets […]

In How I Acquired My Occupation, folks from across the foods and restaurant industry respond to Eater’s questions about, very well, how they acquired their job. Today’s installment: Sara Gasbarra. Gazing out the window at her educational office career, Sara Gasbarra located herself jealous of the landscapers who had been […]