Bathroom ideas from 20 experts to make a beautiful space

Bathroom ideas have recently ascended, as the room itself has take on an indulgent, lifestyle-based role in the house. Now, the bathroom is a space that uniquely provides personal solace, privacy and dedicated relaxation as well as running water and the means to wash with it, and thus its aesthetic has quickly evolved to meet these new needs. Gone is the focus on speed, efficiency and practicality, as design traits from elsewhere in the house step in – beauty, opulence, architecture and extravagance. Do you really need sculptural lighting, deeply veined stones, experimental shapes and unexpected tactility in the bathroom? No. But do they soothe the soul, boost your mood and make your shoulders drop as well as leading you through your cleanliness journey? Oh yes. 

‘Today’s bathroom is a hyper functional space that’s becoming increasingly cherished as a place for retreat and regeneration,’ says designer Tom Dixon. ‘It used to be seen as something secret and hidden, but now it’s following the kitchen in becoming a room that you’re proud of, that you invest in and that you want to have attitude.’ 

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