Embrace this every-popular look in new ways, with our take on industrial living room ideas

Industrial living room ideas and the over all style has been around for ages but did you know that this wasn’t even a ‘style’ originally? It simply grew organically from hard-working spaces like garages, factories, and plants which were rid of any design or architectural pretense. The love for exposes walls, salvaged goods, broken flooring, and open pipes grew over time and thus the ‘trend’ of the industrial interior design grew. It’s no wonder that even inside multimillion-dollar mansions, you will find this gritty living room theme, presented in a nice and proud manner. 

‘Driven by the conversion of old warehouses and defunct factories into spacious residential complexes, the iconic ‘industrial chic’ sensibility has roots in the 20th century. It is characterized by open-plan spaces, utilitarian elements and surfaces devoid of ornamentation,’ says Meeta B. Talwar, Head of Retail and Styling, Mangrove Collective.

What is industrial home decor?

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Bathroom design ages with style and grace

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