As spring marks a sense of renewal, these are the top five decorating trends for the season and the products that will inspire you with new ideas to update your homes.

Weaving has recaptured the hearts of enthusiasts of handmade objects

Weaving has corrected its outdated image, showing its contemporary



Well, here we are just after Christmas and New Year’s and all set to settle in for a period of time of 3-to-4 months when revenue should be large and shoppers are spending far more time with their aquarium setups. Usually, the winter season and early


If you are a gamer, odds are owning a good gaming set up in your room is 1 of your prime priorities. And it ought to be! 

But if you’re acquiring a tricky time choosing on what style of factors you could use to decorate your video video game room,


The kitchen table looked like the fall section of a craft store had thrown up all over it.

Pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials were stacked in a row. Homey wooden signs proclaiming “Harvest” and “Spooky” were ready for the windowsills. Smiling ghosts and scarecrows and jack-o-lanterns