“There’s really two main reasons to build a pergola,” says New York City–based landscaper Amber Freda, president of Freda Inc. “One is function and the other is aesthetics—it can enhance an ambiance, create a sense of intimacy. The functionality is providing a shade structure and area for seating that gets


If you thought there was no such thing as sophisticated outdoor furniture, then it’s time to think again. The market is filled with beautiful outdoor-friendly sofas, chairs, tables, and more—you just have to know which features to look for and how to find the ultimate balance between style and strength.


“If someone is renovating their garden space,” Kwong says, “native plants are a great place to start.” They tend to have adapted to the climate they call home, so, despite its changing, they may well need less water after their establishment period. “They have also coevolved to support insect and


Molteni & C makes its outdoor furniture debut this spring with two complementary collections celebrating our connection to nature and a refined approach to the home. Giulia Molteni, Molteni Group’s chief marketing officer, sees this as a natural progression for the brand. ‘Nature is an integral part of our life,’