Why Isn’t Every Homeowner Using Solar?

Why Isn’t Every Homeowner Using Solar?

Despite the growth in this sector, many homeowners have yet to make the switch to solar energy. Solar energy accounts for 1.7% of US electricity. We will be looking at the reasons homeowners are not using solar energy in this article. Let’s get started.

Why Solar Is Not Being Used by Some Homeowners

Many homeowners have roofs and properties that can accommodate solar panel installation. Solar energy can bring homeowners many benefits:

1. Cost of Solar Panels Prohibitive

Most homeowners answer the question of why they don’t consider solar. They state that they are not able to afford solar. This is false. It is possible to install solar panels on your roof and property at no cost.

2. Solar Kills Jobs

Solar is a more human-intensive industry than the fossil fuel industry which heavily relies on machines. This shift creates more employment than coal, which currently employs more people. Installation crews, salespeople, and manufacturing are all possible solar energy jobs.

3. Solar PV Arrays Are Ugly

Common misconceptions surround solar panels appearing unsightly on a roof. This misconception can be overcome by installing high-quality solar panels. Solar panels of high quality have a more attractive design. Solar panels are now available in sleek designs.

4. HOA bans Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners think their HOAs will stop them from installing solar panels. This is not true for all states. The Database of State Incentives (DSIRE) states that HOAs cannot restrict solar panel installation.

5. Solar Does Not Work

Solar panels are not believed to work by some homeowners. However, solar panels are more efficient than traditional power for homeowners who have used them. Solar panels have helped homeowners reduce their electricity bills, allowing them to pay back the initial investment

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