100 Best Kitchen Design Ideas

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you’re living with a too-cramped layout or outdated feeling cabinetry, it can feel more like heartache than true love. Updating your kitchen can be as simple as a refresh (think: a quick one-day DIY project like swapping out pendant lights or cabinet hardware) or as complicated as a full remodel (think: you’re calling the contractor, and the next thing you know it’s demo day). But there are plenty of projects in between that will make your kitchen feel more fun, more functional, and in many cases, brand new. Just imagine what a transformation giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint would bring. (If that’s sounding like a good idea, check out our guide on how to paint kitchen cabinets.)

If you’re ready for a change, this photo gallery of 100 kitchen ideas is sure to get your planning going. No matter if you’re looking for a budget-friendly facelift or splurging on a complete renovation, you’ll find kitchen design ideas here at all price points and skill levels.

But the inspiration doesn’t stop here. Need additional seating and more prep space? We have tons of kitchen island ideas to check both boxes. Want to give your kitchen a brand new color scheme? You’ll find the perfect palette among these kitchen paint color ideas. Not even sure where to start? Browse these pretty white kitchens and farmhouse-style kitchens to cook up gorgeous design looks to suit your space and taste.

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