There is nothing pleasant about a standard office kitchen. The cabinets are some basic design—white—with uninspiring, IKEA-grade chrome handles. At best, the fridge is some oversize stainless steel behemoth that is a cesspool of dubious contents. Fluorescent lights, ugly tile flooring, a sad crumb-crusted microwave, and the true workhorse


From ghosts and goblins to skulls and spiders, this list of Halloween kitchen decor is sure to set the scene for the spookiest season of the year.

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you’re living with a too-cramped layout or outdated feeling cabinetry, it can feel more like heartache than true love. Updating your kitchen can be as simple as a refresh (think: a quick one-day DIY project like swapping out


Transform your kitchen area into your happy location, no subject its measurement — it really is the heart of the property, just after all. From cooking nutritious spouse and children dinners, sitting all around the island with buddies to arranging — then reorganizing — your minimal cupboard house, you inevitability


The whole purpose of decorative kitchen ideas is to answer the needs of the individuals living in them while reflecting their personalities with good design, space, and functionality. 

Beautiful flooring, textiles and wall ideas are at the heart of every standout kitchen scheme, but how do you begin to decide


Living with a small kitchen is invariably frustrating, whether you’re a diehard gourmand or the type of person who

uses the oven as wardrobe overflow. Spatial gymnastics, like chopping vegetables on a counter the size of a postage stamp or sucking in your stomach to navigate the passage between your


The kitchen is arguably the most important space in the house. It’s where you prepare your favorite meals, entertain your devoted family and share drinks with your closest friends. For these reasons, it’s crucial to design a space that feels trendy, stylish and reflective of your personality, yet provides comfort,