4 Unique living room ideas that offer endless inspiration

Because you spend so much time in your living room, it must not only look amazing but also be functional and pleasant. Mastering this triad might be a design challenge, but we’ve compiled a list of the top living room examples to help you get started on your own projects. There’s a living room idea for everyone below, from modern and formal places to welcoming and rustic settings.

Check out these 4 unique living room ideas that offer endless inspiration. 

Include a rug

1. Include a rug in your living room scheme

With an iconic rug design that unifies your scheme with an accent colour, add texture underfoot while zoning a seating area or relaxation spot. You can even layer a smaller patterned design over a larger natural textured rug for an extra layer.

redefined neutrals

2. Neutrals should be redefined 

In your living space if you don’t like toying with a lot of patterns and big colours you should go with experimental pieces and tasteful splashes of colour. Rather than going entirely black and white, the anchor pieces, such as the sofa and tables, should be kept neutral, with the throws, artwork, and lamp adding a burst of colour. Nothing too crazy, just subtle colours like marigold, turquoise, and green.

Mix textures

3. Mix textures

Using a variety of diverse materials and textures in furniture, furnishings, textiles, and window treatments, transform your room into a luxurious sanctuary of relaxation. Velvet drapes, the latest sofa covered with cushions and throws in blended cotton, relaxing linens and velvets, and a beautifully fluffy, hand-made rug add luxurious interest to the touch and eye. To bring the textures together, use a common colour or a tonal scheme that is harmonised.

4. Large wall clocks for a centred perspective

Have you fallen in love with a giant wall clock but don’t know where to put it? Make it the focal point of your living room. A mirrored door and semi-industrial metal fixtures complement the room’s space-age vinyl couch, silver cushions, and beautiful acrylic centrepiece.

Of course, the greatest living room colours will be determined by your personal style and the aesthetic you want to achieve. So you can go wild with your thinking as much as you want!

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