5 Reasons to Use a Wine Fridge Outside of the Kitchen

Hold out your glasses, because we’re uncorking a fresh new idea that’s worth toasting. You know the wine fridge you absolutely love in your kitchen? The star of pretty much every dinner party you host? Imagine having several of them spread around your house.


Designer: Hommeboys Interiors

Not just to hold wine—though if that’s your vibe, we’re not here to judge—but to stock all sorts of keep-cold essentials you’d otherwise have to dash off to the kitchen to grab.

While Zephyr’s Presrv Full Size Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler is designed to keep your favorite reds, whites, and rosés at the ideal temp—with two separate zones ranging from 38 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit—it can also be configured as a combination designed for wines and non-wines alike, and makes a pretty chill spot for your go-to face creams or those flavored seltzers you can’t stop sipping.

We’ve got a whole flight’s worth of ideas for you to sample, one for (almost) every room in the house.

Family Room


Designer: Ryan Saghian

Elevate the bar cart trend by creating an entire nook dedicated to your favorite spirits. The Presrv Panel Ready Single Zone Beverage Cooler, which can be customized to match your cabinetry, ensures each of the seven wines and 112 12-ounce cans it stores are chilled evenly. Plus, there’s a disturbance-minimizing Vibration Dampening System, meaning no noisy fan motor to interrupt family movie night.

To fully embrace the mid-century modern look and complete the bar nook, add glass shelving on the wall above to display your best liquor bottles plus all that glassware you’ve been collecting.




Refrigerators in spots other than your cook space tend to house the overfill that can’t be stuffed in the kitchen. But with the Single Zone Beverage Cooler holding 17 bottles and 112 cans in addition to your favorite vintages, you’ll no longer have any overflow. So why not turn the garage into part-parking-space and part-hang-out-zone?

Add an indoor/outdoor rug, a flatscreen, and a few chairs, and slip a beverage cooler into your storage set-up. Stock it with beers and other drinks and you’ve just created your favorite local sports bar, where you’re guaranteed a seat even during the biggest of games.




There’s nothing quite as decadent as transforming your primary bath into a full-on spa. And while minimalist decor, lit candles, and fluffy white robes are nice touches, a Single Zone Beverage Cooler would be the pièce de resistance (it also comes in a Pro model).

Slide one right under your vanity—matching the stainless steel to the lighting, faucet, or shower frame. Then stash it with all manner of water bottles, chilled towels, your favorite seltzers, and maybe even a face cream or body lotion to feel as if you’ve stumbled onto a posh resort each time you take a bath.

It’s also a handy spot for probiotics or liquid antibiotics that require refrigeration—no running to the kitchen for your morning or evening dose; boom, now you’re a medi-spa!




You know that oasis where you go to escape it all—your kids’ arguments, the blaring TV, and the piles of work (and laundry!) that need to be conquered? Make that retreat complete by ensuring it’s always stocked with your favorite sips.

The Black Stainless Single Zone Beverage Cooler can play off a bold feature wall and will serve you well whether you’re looking to energize ahead of your latest crafting project or chill out after a long work week.

Pool House



No doubt this is the most popular spot on hot days, so keep it well stocked with the hard seltzers that are a hit at barbecues and the ice-cold waters you depend on to stay hydrated.

Rather than breaking up an airy all-white design with a full fridge, install the Dual Zone Wine Cooler and Single Zone Beverage Cooler side-by-side in the lower cabinetry. Turning them into a focal point in sleek stainless steel ensures that sweaty revelers can spot their beverage of choice within seconds—and keeps them from leaving wet footprints and soaked towels all over your kitchen.

And if you’re still on the fence with which model would work best in your space, the Zephyr Kitchen Experience app lets you virtually place a product in your home, and explore product features and sizes—we’ll drink to that.

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