Best home decor items under Rs 1299 to redecorate your living room


The drawing room is the space where the family unites, stays and makes memories together. It’s also the main room that gives an impression or preview of your whole home to visitors and guests. Levelling up its look with beautiful decor items will give your whole home a positive aura and it is a must to surround yourselves with cool products that’ll impart an optimistic vibe to your mind. If you are planning on redecorating your drawing room, here are the best home decor items under Rs 999 to give your home a happy vibe.


1. Wall Stickers


Just run your eyes through the walls around you. Are they happy? Is it putting you in a pleasant mood? If not, then get yourself these yellow and white striped vibrant wallpaper that’ll change the whole mood of your home. This decorative pattern self-adhesive PVC wallpaper for the wall is ideal to give your living room a new look. 


Price: Rs 398

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2. Velvet Carpet


If you want to give a luxe look to a room, one of the best home decor products you trust is carpets. They give a homely feel with their warm and cosy look and also amplify the beauty of your decor by stealing your eye’s focus away from other distractions.


Price: Rs 599

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3. Floating Shelves 


Make use of the walls and add these wall-mounted shelves to create a visually aesthetic area in your living room. The cubed shelves feature an open geometric arch pattern to elegantly showcase books, photos, toiletries, decorative accents and more. 


Price: Rs 879

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4. Hanging Lamp


Give your home an antique touch with this beautiful lamp that has a contemporary designer edge and filters light out in the most elegant way. It also sets a romantic warm mood, that’s exactly what you need when you reach your home from the office, don’t you?


Price: Rs 890

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5. Wall Clock 


While clocks are supposed to be functional in nature, their aesthetic design can add to the interior decor of your living room. This fibre made, laser cut clock is sturdy and has got golden hands on a black dial making it easy to read the time. A dashing piece to own, what say?


Price: Rs 1279

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6. Modern Art Idol


Showpieces are gap fillers that give life to your empty shelves. This antique welcome doll is a great piece to add to your home decor collection and can also give a pleasant and serene vibe.


Price: Rs 999

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7. Seven Chakra Tree


Made from chips of 7 coloured crystals that are believed to bring good luck to your home as per Vastu Shastra, the seven chakra tree is a beautiful addition to your space, keep it on your altar and increase the vibes in your room. Indeed one of the best home decor items that’ll also bring you good fortune.


Price: Rs 899

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