Do’s and Dont’s to abide by while decorating the kitchen to attract abundance

The kitchen is quoted as the hub of the abode. It is the place that sparks conversation over meals while making everyone close to each other. The kitchen signifies the element of fire which is touted to bring wealth and abundance to the home and therefore right from the interiors of the kitchen and dining space to its position, every element in the kitchen must be spruced and positioned rightly to attract plenty of abundance. Here we bring you some do’s and don’ts to swear by while decorating your kitchen to attract an abundance

Do check the location of the cooking range

A cooking range or gas stove is one of the most vital aspects of any kitchen. Since it supports our well-being by providing us with food, it should be placed in a position where the right flow of energy can be accompanied. East is the most preferred location to place the cooking range as it takes along the right kind of vitalities into the kitchen with the shining of the Sun and attracts positivity and abundance. Make sure to lay out a window for effective results.

Do check the location of the cooking range

Do de-clutter frequently

No matter how many times you cook food in a day, ensure that you always clean up right after and do not leave your kitchen space cluttered way. Never let the doors of the shelves open and always keep the utensils in their place to curate an ambience that is soothing and pacifying to fascinate optimism.

Do de-clutter frequently

Don’t make the restroom face the kitchen space

First things first, don’t let the space of the restrooms sync in with the kitchen as it can create conflicted energy in your dwelling. Because the washroom is an element of water and the kitchen is an element of fire, the energies will clash with each other due to this and cause abundant life disruptions. Similarly, take care of the position of the stove and the sink and never let them face directly or next to each other to make the aura cheerful.

Don’t go overboard with reds

Red is an element of fire and therefore while painting the walls of your kitchen, steer clear of too much red as it can lead to excessive fire energy. Moreover, never use black and grey as it signifies elements that can subdue the energy of fire. Go ahead with ivory, beige, lemon yellow and pastel green as these colours are considered safe for the kitchen.

Make a functional and practical kitchen by following the tips written above. Keep the colours light and utilise all the space to the fullest without creating any chaos to keep the vibes all happy and positive.

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