Jason Alexander’s Thoughts On This Bathroom Design Has Us All Thinking The Same Thing

Although there are several schools of thought regarding the green bathtub stairway that’s on everyone’s mind, cat lovers are bound to recognize perfectly functional feline accommodations when they see them. While it may be simple curiosity or a love of water that drives your cat to be present every time you bathe (per Hepper), providing a route for your feline friend is a nice gesture, especially when the lip of your tub has minimal clearance. 

On the other hand, some Twitter commenters (who have clearly never been scratched by a very wet and frightened cat) have dissenting opinions. Some opine that the bathroom is in a basement apartment, and the miniature stairs are a clever feature designed to bring the space up to code. Others surmise that the stairs are actually small shelves and serve the vital function of blocking off unsightly plumbing leftover from moving the location of the bathtub. 

While we may never know the true origin of this bathroom, one thing is for certain: Unless there’s a death-defying cat out there that necessitated this unique layout, there were probably quite a few humans who contributed to such an unfortunate design.

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